Frequently Asked Questions


What type of files should I upload for printing?

Tricera accepts PSD, TIFF, JPG and PDF files for printing. The highest quality and accurate output for printing will come from PSD or TIFF files. If uploading multiple images you can only send 5 at a time. On each upload please indicate how many files we should be looking for in total.

What is the turnaround time for printing?

Tricera has a 48 hour turnaround time for printing. If mounting is involved, the standard turnaround is 72 hours. Canvas printing and stretching takes a bit longer, due the drying period before stretching. Rush orders are available, but a rush charge may be applied.

Why can't I find Epson Ultrasmooth on the website?

Epson Ultrasmooth has been replaced by Epson Hot Press Natural. The papers are very similar, but the Hot Press Natural is the most recent version.

What is the largest paper width?

Most papers have a largest width of 60", but it is unadvisable to print directly to the edge. A rule of thumb is to leave at least an inch on either side. With the standard 2" margins, the largest width would be 56". Some papers, such as Enhanced Matte and Exhibition Fibre come in 64" width.

What colour profile should I use?

Tricera prints images using either Adobe (1998) or sRGB profiles. ProPhoto and CMYK colour profiles are converted to Adobe (1998). Black and White profiles are also accepted.

If I don't want margins, what do I do?

If you are looking to have your print trimmed to size, please let us know by typing "trim to size" in the margins section of the upload process.

If I don't specify margins, what happens?

If margins are not specified, a two inch margin will be left on the print.

Can textured paper be laminated?

Since the texture allows for air pockets, it is not usually laminated. If you are looking to laminate an image, it is better to go with a smooth paper, such as Enhanced Matte, Luster or Hot Press Bright/Natural.

How can I pay for my prints?

Tricera accepts payment through cash, debit, Visa, or Mastercard.

Do I have to specify sheet or roll?

Most of the printing down at Tricera is using rolled paper. Only specific papers only come in sheet form. If you would like sheet paper, it must be specified.